100's of companies power their employees experience with Align Coaching

Align Coaching Uses Science to Improve Performance

+ 20%


Harvard Study of 20,000 employees showed a 20% increase in profitability in companies that focused on emotional intelligence training company.

+ 60%

Cost Savings

Save $6 in Health and Absenteeism cost for every $1 spent on emotional intelligence and culture sytems.

+ 65%


Companies that implement Emotional Intelligence Systems see a 65% increase in employee retention.

+ 3 Days


Employees experience an 11% increase in productivity, or 3 full work days per month.

Achieve Your Goals Faster in 3 Simple Steps


Define Your Goals

  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Employee Retention and Satisfaction
  • Improve Client Retention and Lifetime Value


Align Coaching

  • 2 - 30 Min Team Align Coaching Sessions Per Month
  • 1 - 15 Min 1:1 Align Coaching Session
  • 1 - 15 Min Personal Insight Session


Achieve Goals Faster

  • Improve Growth Mindset by 10% or More Monthly
  • Achieve KPIs and OKRs Faster
  • Team Enjoys Creating Systematic Solutions

Achieve Goals Faster in 12 Areas of Business

Teams Receive Align Coaching in 1 Area Per Month

Goal: Increase Revenue

Focus Areas

Marketing and Lead Generation

Sales Process and CRM

Financial Management

Financing and Investment


Goal: Improve Employee Retention and Engagement

Focus Areas

Passion and Role Retention



Company Purpose and Values

Time Creation


Goal: Improve Client Retention and Life Time Value

Focus Areas

Customer Service

Project Management

Passion and Role Retention

Time Creation


Align Coaching Is Easy To Understand

Available on Desktop and Mobile

Goal: Increase Revenue


Team Maps Their Mindset in 10 minutes


Model Team Members Who Have Achieved the Desired Mindset


Proven Solutions of Team Members are Systemized Across the Company


Team Mindset is Improved by 10%+ Monthly and Goals Are Achieved Faster

Result: Increase in Revenue

The Align Coach Advantage

Your Time, Money and Mindset Are Precious
We’ve Created Align Coaching For You

Executive Coaching Companies

Independent Coaches

Align Coach Advantage

Price per Team Member




Save $110+ per Team Member/mo

Coaching for Entire Company, Not Just Executives

95% Employee Participation So Everyone Benefits

Standardized Coaching Quality

Consistent and Predictable Results

Real Time Mindset Data

Solution Oriented Thinking and Implementation

Correlation of Mindset to Goal Achievement

Increased Profit, Employee and Client Retention within 30 days

Coaching Time to Achieve Results

4+ hours/mo

4+ hours/mo

1.5 hours/mo

60% Cost and Time Savings per Employee

10,000’s of Team Members Have Achieved Goals Faster With Align Coaching

Employee Retention and Engagement


Client Retention and Lifetime Value

2 hours of monthly team Align usage is a fast, effective and enjoyable way to create an open and trusting culture that has lead to an 18% increase in employee satisfaction and 67% increase in retention.

Josh Berger

COO and Co-founder PKTPal

Our company has used Align to refocused on our Core Purpose and Values to become a 100% impact organization, its increased our employee satisfaction by 23%.

Regan Hillyer

CEO of Regan Hillyer International

Having the real-time Align team data has been a game changer in being able to address and achieve our 95% employee retention goal.

Marcus Mavakala

CEO of Peach Capital

Utilizing Align within both our Sales and Customer Success Teams we saw a 100% increase in revenue within 3 months and 6,600% increase over 24 months.

Bobby Brannigan

CEO of Mercato

We surpassed our annual revenue goal of $40 mil by integrating Align EI and authentic communication into company culture, getting the best for and from our people.

Anibal Perez

CEO of Porta

We leveraged Align monthly in scaling our startup from $0 to a $60 million exit in 5 years.

Jeff Smith

Founder and CEO of Scalable

We’ve achieved 100% team member adoption of our new project management system within 60 days using Align weekly as a foundation for productivity mindset.

Jesse Berger

CEO and cofounder of PKT Pal

Within 2 months we were able to achieve what I hadn’t been able to achieve in 10 years, using Align to increase our CRM mindset by 20% and beating our $290,000 monthly revenue goal.

Catherine Dean

CEO of Catherine Dean

Within 3 months of leveraging Align we were able to get 100% utilization of Project Management systems, clocked 5 hours of efficiency per team member per month and beat our quarterly net income goal.

Julie Serot

CEO and Founder of The Dharma Circle

What Aligned CEO's Have to Say

Align Coaching is Easy to Understand, Efficient, and Effective in Helping Your Team Achieve Their Goals Faster

It’s Just 2 Hours per Month Starting at $30/mo per Team Member

Simple Onboarding

1 Hour Welcome Session with an Align Coach

  • Align Coach guides you every step of the way
  • Easy set up and training of your entire team on Align
  • Learn how to leverage mindset data to achieve your goals faster

2 Hours of Align Coaching Per Month Included

2 Sessions

30 Minutes

Team Align Coaching Sessions

  • 97% Align Session attendance brings your team together to connect, communicate and execute better
  • Creates a thriving culture of growth mindset, awareness, and solution based thinking
  • Teams utilizes data to improve growth mindset, company systems, and achieve goals faster

1 Session

15 Minutes

1:1 Align Coaching Sessions

  • Each Team members receives their own impactful Align Session personalized to their needs
  • Solutions are implemented that relieves need for management be involved in solving problems
  • Team members are more aware, happier, empowered, communicate better and help others

1 Session

15 Minutes

Personal Align Review Session

  • Team Members make time for themselves to improve awareness, communication style and implement the solutions they have created

1 Session

30 Minutes

Progress Insights Session

  • Align Coach analyzes your company data providing strategic insights
  • Learn to understand your company mindset data in real time to support in making strategic choices

Start Achieving Your Goals Now With
Align Coaching

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Align Coaching

Select number of team members

$49 /per team

member per month

(billed monthly)

$45 /per team

member per month

(billed annually)

$45 /per team

member per month

(billed monthly)

$39 /per team

member per month

(billed annually)

$39 /per team

member per month

(billed monthly)

$34 /per team

member per month

(billed annually)

  • Start Align Coaching Within 1 Week
  • No Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Achieve Goals Faster Now
Simple Onboarding
  • Align Certified Coach Included
  • Welcome Session
  • Set Up and Training Session
Align Software Features
  • 12 Areas of Business
  • 12 Areas of Life
  • Educational Materials
  • Real-Time Align Insights Dashboard
  • Team Management Portal
  • Unlimited Customer Support
Align Sessions
  • 2 Align Coach Led Team Sessions Per Month
  • 1:1 Align Coaching Session for Each Team Member per Month
  • Align Insights Dashboard Session

Your Team Improves Each Other

Enjoy the Benefits of Align Coaching

Fast and Efficient Solutions

1.5 hours

Team creates and implements solutions in 1.5 hours of Align Coaching Sessions what normally takes 4 hours of coaching time, leading to consistent improvements in systems and achievement of goals faster

Cost Savings

$100,000 to $1M+

Increase customer and employee retention, healthy attendance days and productivity, resulting in increased revenue and cost reductions.

Employee Satisfaction

+ 20%

Employees are, on average, 20% happier within 2 weeks of engagement with Align.

Increase Millions In Revenue

+ $1M

Results of 50% - 6,000% increases in revenue through improved sales mindset, systems and execution.

We Know What You're Thinking

“We Don't Have Time For This”

  • 1-2 Hours of Align Sessions Monthly adds 10+ hours of productivity
  • 97% of Team Members say they are excited for Align Sessions
  • 89% engagement with Align vs 35% average engagement with surveys

"We Aren't Open with Our True Feelings and Thoughts"

  • 99% of Team Members share their feelings and thoughts openly
  • 97% of Team Members show up for Align Sessions

“Improving The Teams Mindset Will Not Improve Results”

  • 50% - 6,000% increases in revenue
  • +20% increases in employee and customer engagement

“We Haven't Allocated Budget For This”

  • 1:1 and Team Align Certified Coaching is included with your $49 or less per member per mo subscription saving you $10,000's in annual coaching fees
  • Generate 10x return of $500 or more revenue per team member through increased revenue, retention, engagement and productivity.